Natural Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is a health problem associated with difficulties in emptying the bowels. It is characterized with hardened feces. Constipation is one most inconvenient health problems which affect many people. Over twenty percent of the American population suffers from constipation annually despite making efforts of preventing it.

This condition might be very stressful especially when you are traveling since you are forced to visit the washrooms more frequent. Constipation is characterized by numerous uncomfortable symptoms which include low back pain, bloating, gas, and even fatigue or anxiety.

Over millions of dollars are spent every year on prescriptions and laxatives in treating constipation. However, this condition is preventable. There are various natural remedies available which can be used in improving the bowel functioning in those individuals suffering from constipation. These remedies include taking antibiotics, drinking warm liquids, drinking aloe vera juice and many others.

Causes of constipation

Constipation is caused by various factors including consumption of low diet, dehydration caused by taking small water quantities, and emotional stress. All these factors led to the slow movement of stool and delayed emptying of your colon.

Common factors contributing to constipation include the following:

Stressstressed man

Stress is known for altering neurotransmitter and hormone production. This, in turn, affects the tension of the muscles, enzyme production, inflammation and the overall functioning of the digestive system.

Poor diet

These include meals such as the processed foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, synthetic additives, unhealthy fats, and sugars.


Exercises increase the flow of blood as well as the strengthening of the digestive’s tract muscles. It also helps in controlling stress.

Certain medications

There are some medications which cause frequent constipation. They include antacids, iron or calcium supplements, antidepressants, diuretics, narcotics, anticonvulsants, and anticholinergics.

Hormonal or thyroid problems

Thyroid disorders, diabeteold mans, eating disorders, and menopause contribute to constipation. There are some diseases which contribute to constipation includes spinal injuries and Parkinson’s disease. Other causes include poor sleep, magnesium deficiencies, poor bathroom habits and older age.


Here are the natural remedies and reliefs  for constipation. You should take the following foods which assist in relieving constipation

High fiber foods

Such foods include vegetables, raw fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and ancient grains. Other foods which are highly recommended include sweet potatoes, pears, berries, prunes, chia, flax seeds and avocado.

Warm liquids

Room or warm liquids stimulate digestion. These include warm lemon water, herbal tea, and warm coffee.

Figs and prunes

These are fruits which are rich in fiber. They help in producing a laxative effect which helps in relieving constipation. However, you should avoid taking the dried fruits as they contain high amounts of sugar.

Green leafy vegetables

These vegetables are rich in magnesium, and they contain a high amount of fiber. Magnesium helps in improving constipation. These vegetables have high water content and should be consumed daily.

Other activities include exercises, reducing and managing stress and bio-feedback.