Medicinal Value Of Olive Oil

People have been using olive oil for many years. It was utilized in the ancient Greece in healing wounds, cooking, and lighting and for beauty. Research has also revealed that those individuals taking this product enjoy a quality life and they live longer. It is considered to be among the best natural, healthy foods. It is used in managing hair, soothing skin. It also acts as a protection against the scorching sun.

This oil is an essential ingredient which can be added to roasted vegetables and salads. In fact, this oil is also referred to the liquid gold due to its numerous benefits and applications. You should have it in your bathrooms, medicine chests, and the kitchen.
Here are some of the main benefits of olive oil

Skin Healthrash on skin

This oil and its by-products make your hair and skin to shine and glow. It is also used in making organic solvents which are used as a natural remedy in alleviating eczema and other skin ailments. This oil is also recommended in relieving psoriasis. It is used by both genders for keeping their hair vibrant and their skin healthy and young.

Heart Health

This oil has the nutrients required in supporting your brain and heart. It is loaded with Omega -3 fatty acids which facilitate easy flow of blood. It also contains antioxidants which protect you from aging prematurely by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Individuals who consume this oil have few cases related to heart diseases.

Healing of Burns

Olive oil is rich in essential fats and vitamins which are useful in speeding the healing process of burns. It also supplies the essential nutrients which help in the healing of the injured skin. It plays a key role in preventing the infection of wounds by the harmful organisms.

Promotes smooth skin

Applying this oil on your skin helps twoman's eyeso make it smooth and nourished since it provides the essential nutrients and vitamins. This helps in reducing wrinkles on your skin. Research has also shown that regular consumption of this oil helps in improving the skin’s health and protecting the skin from wrinkles and aging.

Helps athletes to recover

This oil was used by the ancient Greeks in soothing and protecting their skin as well as relaxing their muscles. The therapeutic value of this oil was recognized by the ancient Greeks who were using it in reducing muscle fatigue and improving the flexibility of their skin. It is also used in preventing injuries which are related to sports.