Monthly Specials

Quick and Delicious for $8.50

Combination Lunch Specials

(Served Monday-Saturday from 11:30am to 3pm)

Choose one of three delicious selections

Each selection contains a small portion of each item**

Combination #1

Pad Thai

Spicy Sweet Basil Stir Fry with Strips of Pork

Side of White Rice

Combination #2

Pad Thai

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Tofu with Garlic Sauce

Side of White Rice

Combination #3

Pad Thai

Red Curry with Chicken

Side of White Rice


Aspiring April Dinner Specials

Codfish Paradise $18.00

Featuring a deep fried breaded codfish that is laid on top of a medley of vegetables, this includes cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and pineapples.  Fused together with sweet plum sugars and a tart tamarind sauce, this savory entrée combines the essence of sweet and tangy.  Served with a side of black and white rice.


Seafood Avocado Curry* $24.00

Combining all of the flavors of the sea including tiger prawns, mussels, calamari, salmon, scallops and lobster, it’s been slowly simmered in an avocado red curry base with eggplants, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and fresh basil leaves.  Served with a side of black and white rice.


Coconut Tempura Prawns $9.00

A light and delicious appetizer features 8 fresh large prawns immersed in a breaded coconut based batter.  Deep fried to golden perfection, it’s accompanied with our homemade sweet and sour plum sauce.


Dark Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice Cream $6.00

Classic chocolate cake topped with a layer of chocolate mousse accompanied with a scoop of coconut ice cream, it’s a decadent that’s to die for.

Basil Bar Special of the Month $7.00

A tasty combination blending Cruzan Aged Rum, lemongrass, basil, cucumber and a splash of soda makes this a refreshing drink to have on a nice cool Spring evening.


* Choose your desired spicy level as follows: Very Mild, Mild, Medium, Hot, and Extremely Hot

** No Substitutions

Gluten free and vegan options are available upon request