Kuraya Chulacharit

Kuraya Chulacharit, Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Oregon owes a world of thanks to owner Kuraya “Kay” Chulacharit who, beginning in 1982, almost singlehandedly brought Thai food to the state.

From her first Thai restaurant in Myrtle Creek to the elegant Sweet Basil in Eugene, Kay has spread the joy of Thai food in nine restaurants from Roseburg to Portland.

Kuraya received her degree in hotel and restaurant management, but has had a passion for cooking her native cuisine since she was a little girl in Bangkok.

A savvy businesswomen, Kuraya has also had a career owning hotels in Oregon and she is currently co-owner of The Campus Inn in Eugene but it is while discussing fresh, healthy, and esthetically pleasing Thai food that makes her eyes sparkle.

“I love sharing my beautiful, delicious food with others. Thai food is so clean and distinctive, very fresh and very pretty to look at. Thai food is a good fit with health conscience, food loving, Oregonians.”

Locals would agree. Sweet Basil has won many local awards, including “Best Bite” from Eugene’s Chef’s Night Out.